Sentence #99

Lirenda sarazidu goleza samas etede kuŋino, poboho ebeveŋi baŋibaŋi.

lirenda sarazidu goleza samas etede kuŋino poboho ebeveŋi baŋibaŋi

{ liri=nda} { sa=ra=zi=du} { goli=za} { sama=s} { etede} { kuŋi=no} { poboho} { ebeve=ŋi} { baŋibaŋi}

{ island=SRC} { 3SG.RA=GO=FUT=GOAL} { long.time=PATH} { 3SG.RA=LOC} { full} { desire=COME} { blocked} { sea=MOVE} { unexpected}

Over time he became filled with the desire to leave the island, but the seas were blocked.

This sentence is part of Dedaloza Tani.


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