Sentence #67

Goleza nara kumu saŋiye, saya kuŋinen zase ŋiri kegeveme.

goleza nara kumu saŋiye saya kuŋinen zase ŋiri kegeveme

{ goli=za} { nara} { kumu} { sa=ŋi=yi} { sa=ya} { kuŋi=nen} { za=se} { ŋiri} { kegeve=me}

{ long.time=PATH} { one} { man} { 3SG.RA=MOVE=CONT} { 3SG.RA=CAUS} { desire=COM} { 3PL.IN=STAY} { some} { work=INTO}

For a long time he continued to live as a solitary man, and he worked as he wanted.

This sentence is part of Nuvuza Tani.


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