Prepositions primarily denote direction or position. They also function as case-like markers for peripheral arguments of the verb.

su position at, on, in; location or time of verbal action
du direction to, into, onto; beneficiary of verbal action or recipient of an object
pesi direction from, out of; demoted subject of a transitive verb
nene direction through, via; instrument used in verbal action 'using'; companion of subject in verbal action 'with'

Prepositions attach to a determiner plus classifier or a pronominal clitic or pronoun. The determiner a is elided after a preposition. Other preposition plus determiner combinations have fused, such as neŋŋo(v) from neneŋo(v) or neno(v) from nene + vov.

List of Prepositions

  • du [PREP] to
  • nene [PREP] via
  • pesi [PREP] from
  • su [PREP] at