Determiners suffixed with classifiers are used before most nouns. Proper nouns do not use determiners. Determiners express number: singular, dual, paucal, plural, greater plural, collective, whole, none, and sufficient. These vary in form based on whether the following classifier starts with a consonant or vowel. They are:

Before a consonant Before a vowel Gloss
a n one, singular
e# en two, a pair, dual
ha# had three, several, few
ŋo ŋov many, plural
pe pey a set, collective
te# ten all of a set, whole
nadi nad all kinds of
ma# mam sufficient, enough
vo vov none

The # symbol stands for the reduplicated first consonant of the classifier.

List of Determiners

  • had [DET] several
  • mam [DET] enough
  • n [DET] SG
  • nadi [DET] various
  • pe [DET] COLL
  • ten [DET] whole
  • wo [DET] none
  • ya [DET] SG
  • yen [DET] DUAL
  • ŋo [DET] many