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Table of Letters

The Kēlen ceremonial interlace alphabet has only 21 letters. This is far fewer than the currently used Kēlen script, which has twelve base forms that are used to make 43 different letters. The table to the left shows those 21 letters.

Since the alphabet has only 21 letters, the distinction between short and long vowels is not made. Thus 'A' can stand for both a and ā. Of the diphthongs, only ie is represented. And, ŋ, λ, and rj are missing entirely.

Letters start in the bottom right hand corner, and continue over - under - over - under (or under - over, etc.) until they end at the top right hand corner. The letters in the first column are relatively simple. The letters in the second two columns interlace with independent designs - twists, circles, other letters, etc. The independent design is highlighted in green. The arrows are there to help figure out the interlacing. If these make your eyes water, don't feel alone. The idea was to create an alphabet for identifying things and places that could only be read by the initiated.

interlace a A interlace n-tilde Ñ interlace e E interlace l L interlace o O interlace i I interlace ie IE
interlace k K interlace u U interlace n N interlace t T interlace th TH interlace m M interlace p P
interlace w W, PH interlace s S interlace c C interlace j J, CH interlace sh SH interlace h H, KH interlace r R

Animated Example

example of interlace script

Here is an example of a carving using the Kēlen Ceremonial Interlace Alphabet. The carving spells out the name of the hero Lājathīn. The greyed out areas are merely decorative. The name begins in the bottom right hand corner (marked in yellow) and goes through the letters ending in the upper corner (again, yellow). Clicking on a button below will highlight the given letter. The reset button brings us back to the original unhighlighted image.

Other Examples

Example of the name Shāmorte in ceremonial interlace.
Example of the name Āstaña in ceremonial interlace.

P.S. I also created an interlace design for the Language Creation Society. It spells out T-A-X-O-N-I-K-O-N which means (more or less) "conlanger". You can see this design at the LCS Zazzle Store.

Last modified: June 07, 2019