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Welcome to the Kēlen dictionary.

The dictionary consists of 1652 forms and 1810 definitions. Each form is linked to its uninflected stem. Clicking on the stem will bring up a listing of all forms in the dictionary with that stem. Furthermore, some stems are related to each other and share the same core syllable (or variations thereof). These core syllables are called seeds. Clicking on a seed will bring up a listing of all stems related to that seed.

To search for a specific stem (or word), enter any part of the stem in the box to the right of the "Search for a Form Like:" button. Use the special character buttons to the right of the input field to enter special characters. When finished, click on the "Search for a Form Like:" button to find the corresponding form(s). To search by definition or part of a definition, enter a word or part of a word in the box next to the button that says "Search for a Definition like:" and then click on that button. "View all:" returns all of the chosen part of speech. Note: "all nouns" is a very long list!

The results, if any, will show a list of forms with definitions. Forms and stems will show up as links, as will the indicators for example sentences and Kēlen Word of the Day postings. Click on a form link to see only that form with example sentences where available. Click on a stem link to see a list of forms derived from that stem.

ā ē ī ō ū ñ ŋ þ λ