Dunnolamiwa (What We Saw)

Text created in Tesseseya for a So Cal conlanger's meetup.


Tele dunnolami. Cudu dunno-da-sedelamigo meli-lewa yisida. Woŋŋi wabaŋe ŋakodu laja siŋi sonosu dunno-nomeladace. Siŋi medego wodune hadahada teŋi cidigo takane ŋaka tenela. Xotoxoto legilegi xeye ŋaka tenela. Hadahada wono taka nolo-callola. Tenewa dullo-wolami. Callolami, koxodu da-dememi, gennayo se-dememiyo woŋŋi wono wabaŋe ŋakane.


This is what we saw. My son and I were hunting rabbits. He showed me an unusual cloud at the top of the tall mountains. It had a tall vertical tree-like part and several thin horizontal platter-like parts. It was blotchy and dark all over. The several horizontal parts seemed to become bigger. We did not know what it was. We think we should go home and tell the elders about the unusual big cloud.


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