Unaugmentable Modifiers

Unlike regular modifiers, this small set of modifiers cannot be augmented with the clitic =hono 'more, more so' or diminshed with the clitic =yisi 'less, less so'. This is because augmented and/or diminshed forms already exist as separate words.

basa bad basono very bad besisi a little bit bad
gehe good gehono very good gehisi a little bit good
ono big, large onono very big    
isi little, young     isisi very little, very young
ibi short     ibibi very short
tete old tetono very old, ancient    
siŋi tall siŋono very tall siŋisi a little bit tall
taba deep, low tabono very deep tebisi not very deep, shallow
tumu heavy in weight tumono very heavy tumisi a little bit heavy
kege light in weight     kegisi very light in weight, easy
sata thick satono very thick setisi a little bit thick
teŋi thin, narrow     teŋisi very thin, very narrow
kele well-made, fine kelono very fine kelisi not very fine, crude

List of Unaugmentable Modifiers