The idea behind Sodemadu is that the verbs should concern themselves with motion, and that nouns are inflected for motion or its lack. The subject of the verb is whatever is in motion, even if the motion is only metaphorical. To this end, verbal arguments consist of the subject (A), an optional source (S), and an optional destination (D), while nouns inflect as motile and sessile, with animate nouns defaulting to motile and inanimate to sessile.


Sodemadu started life as Sodna-lɛni. In January, 2014, I posted an intro to Sodna-lɛni. A grammar of the language was published at fiatlingua. All blog posts tagged "sodna-lɛni". Sometime in the summer of 2015, I changed the name of the language to Sodemadu. In February 2016, I abandoned Sodemadu to work on Tesseseya.


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